Join Norwich Kitty business networking

If you are planning to come along to your first Kitty meeting (which is free by the way) then by all means fill out the form on this page and send it in. You can use the Your Message part to include your 40 words. Alternatively, you can write them out and hand over or do the 30 seconds on the day.

Please remember we will only read out 40 words so don’t get cut off halfway through an important point! Rules are rules. Also let us know the date you wish to attend!

As you are a first timer you’ll get to expand a bit more on what you do anyway.

You will receive an email confirmation back and also be added to the Norwich Kitty Info Whats App group so you can be kept up to date on goings on. Handy if you can’t make it and want to come along another time. You can always leave that group if you don’t want it.

Should your first time be all you imagined it would be, then you can come along to another meeting but you will need to pay the £49.95 membership fee. Card or cash is fine and a receipt will be given.

Once you are a member you will be given access to the Send Your Words section and also the Kitty Chat WhatsApp group from then on.

Look forward to meeting you!

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