How Kitty works

Well, seems you are intrigued. We like that! So how does this work?

Here is a rundown of a normal Kitty week –

You are a member; you will get an Email and a Whatsapp message (if you join the Kitty Whatsapp Group) usually on a Monday reminding you where the meet on Thursday is. It will be one of three pubs (tba) in the City centre.

You will also be reminded to put in your 40 words via the website before Thursday. You can write them up yourself and hand them in on the day if you wish. If you do not put in any words, you can write them up on the day (that does get some eye-rolling though) or ask for ‘30 seconds on the clock’ to stand and talk about your business.

The original 30 words concept came from the number of words the average 140-character Tweet (remember them) had. We have since expanded it to 40. Also, it keeps people from running on.

We start to meet from 5pm at the pub. You do not need to arrive till 6.10pm when we start the main part of the meet but it’s best to be there earlier to have fun and unwind. So, arrive, get a drink and have a catch up with the rest of the group.

At 6.10pm we will settle down and the presenter (usually Jason) will go through and read out the words and allow everyone to be heard. Alternatively, you can choose to have 30 seconds on the clock to say what you like about you and your business. All we ask is that you give as much attention to everyone’s words as you would want for yours. So put that phone away! Seriously, put it away.

After the meet is over, most people usually stay on for a drink or two or some food. The rest of the night is yours. Make of it what you will. Mingle, network, chat, you are an adult, it’s up to you.

Okay how does it really work?

Well to be honest, it’s all down to friendship. Norwich Kitty is not purely about business and maximising income. It’s about making trustworthy long-term relationships with likeminded people. We don’t expect to be the largest network group. We don’t expect members to be able to retire early. But if you come along regularly enough, you will meet some amazing people and hopefully make some amazing friends.

Essentially, we are more a social network group for small business. We get to know you; we get to know your business and you get in the collective consciousness of the group “Oh yes I know just the person you need to speak to!”

Who would you recommend? A friend or that annoying guy who stuffed a card in your hand four months ago?

What is Norwich Kitty? What are the rules? What do I need to know?

  • It’s a ‘social’ business network. It’s about making friends and acquaintances you trust in the small business world.
  • The concept came from our late founder Paul Rudd. He started it in September 2011.
  • It’s low cost and low stress.
  • We have few rules as we consider you an adult.
  • No need to turn up every week but we always say the more you turn up the more you will get from it. Not joking there.
  • We are not one business type exclusive, but we might draw the line if we get six taxidermists.
  • It’s fun and something to look forward to, not a drag or a hassle.
  • We are not into hard sales tactics or pitches. We are farmers, not hunters.
  • It’s where you can laugh, chat or moan about work or life in general with a bunch of people in a similar boat.
  • We aim to support local pubs in Norwich.

We like to have non-networking social meet ups too. Yes, we meet up even when we don’t have to!!! You are welcome to bring guests along in fact more the merrier. Just make sure they put some words in! We meet up most Thursday evenings in a top pub somewhere in the city. Can’t think what to write? No worries, choose 30 seconds to speak about yourself. We won’t ask you to make up fake referrals every week, so you don’t get put on the naughty step.

We like to have a laugh. Prepare to have your leg pulled on occasion. We won’t force you to do anything. Okay we might cajole you to do something, but you’ll be with friends.

Kitty is not a cat. It’s the ‘kitty’ you keep on a night out when you all share the cost of the rounds.

Did we mention you can join us for just £49.95 for a year?