Greetings, and welcome to the Norwich Kitty site a Business Networking Group in Norwich, Norfolk

Feel free to look around and sample some of the delights we have to offer you in the cut and thrust world of business networking in Norwich…

…brrrrrppppp (sound of needle pulled off record)

Okay, the reason you are here, is maybe you are put off by ultra-competitive, high pressure networking gatherings that have the same power handshake pros and dreamers. You are forced to stand up and try to impress a bunch of people looking at their phones? Unnerved by the eagerness for you to join and pay a huge fee for the privilege of being made to get up at 6am in the middle of January to attend a meet-up and eat a soggy bacon bap?

We’ve all been there. That’s why Norwich Kitty Networking has a different angle.

The Kitty difference

Our founder Paul Rudd saw all this over ten years ago. Paul thought a better solution could be found. More relaxed, low pressure, low cost and most of all, a bit more personable. Yes sorry, if you are the kind of person that just wants to give out as many business cards as possible and get annoyed you don’t make £10,000 from a single visit, then Kitty maybe isn’t for you.

However, if you just want to meet up and network in a top pub with some friendly like-minded small business folks that like to have a bit of a laugh and a drink once a week, whilst still getting to promote your business and gain some leads with the minimum of effort…read on!

Look through the site, where we explain a bit more about how Kitty works and what to expect.

The first visit is totally free, come along and get a better idea of what goes on. Plus, we’d love to meet you! Honestly, we are as interested in getting to know you as hearing all about your business.